Why choose Quality 1st Insulation

Our business is a locally owned and operated business centrally located in Montana. Our Team of experienced professionals can outline the importance of utilizing proper insulation techniques and how to best install it in the most effective way. As one of our clients stated, “You can expect nothing but the best from Quality 1st Insulation. They offer superior service and complete the job on time and on budget.” -Kevin B. Our mission is to help you improve the quality of life in which you live, work and play.

Quality 1st Insulation offers four levels of insulation services, with a special emphasis on Spray Foam Insulation. We offer cost-effective solutions for your insulation needs.

Our vision

At Quality 1st Insulation, our vision is to ensure all individuals have the appropriate levels of insulation in their surroundings, sustain specified levels of comfort, and preserve energy efficiency. We tailor our estimates to meet the unique needs of every client. Our services are supported by research and we offer competitive pricing designed to help clients with each step of their insulation needs. While utilizing a full spectrum of options available, we have developed a specialized approach to providing insulation services to Montanans that are cost-effective and promote energy efficient solutions for your home or project.

An individualized approach to insulation

• We take pride in our advanced approach of servicing our customer’s insulation needs.
• We begin with quality products and service.
• We offer quality craftsmanship.
• We only use the highest quality made products available.
• We complete our jobs on time and on budget.
• We offer superior professionalism.
• Lastly, we are a family owned and operated company.
YOU are important to us and we appreciate your business!

Our Philosophy

Why leave it to the professionals?

It is the philosophy of Quality 1st Insulation to offer our clients the most cost effective solutions for their insulation needs. We also ensure we provide a product that has longevity to provide you with lasting coverage through the years.

Quality 1st Insulation is the preferred insulation professionals covering Montana. We stand by our work and guarantee your satisfaction.

Quality 1st Insulation is here for you!

If you are searching for insulation services, please contact us today for additional information on the services we offer and how we may be able to assist you. Our dedicated team of licensed, insured professional insulation installers will be able to assist you with your questions and getting started. You will have our undivided attention to complete your project from beginning to end. Quality 1st Insulation offers competitive rates with high regard for offering excellent products and services.

We are at your service

John Lapp
Owner, Insulation Installer

Micah Lapp
Insulation Installer

How to choose the right contractor

Choosing an insulation contractor is very important. We can help you make the right decision. The right decision begins with Quality 1st insulation. We are licensed, insured insulation installers. We can provide the best insulation job for all of your needs including commercial, residential, farm or ranch.

Things to consider

When making such a large investment you want to make sure you are choosing the right company so that your money isn’t wasted. Here are some steps to help you make an effective choice:
Check references: Ask for references or read testimonials and reviews on all possible contractors. Their previous clients will tell you what kind of work they provide.
Look at trusted sources for references: Often times, reviews can be one sided or even fabricated. Make sure your references are reliable and that you’re getting the whole picture. Quality 1st Insulation has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
What materials are being used? You could find a great contractor, but if they are using cheap or bad materials their work will never do its job properly, no matter how good the work actually may be completed. Make sure you find out how good the materials are that the contractor is using.
Talk about the materials: Once you know the materials being used discuss the materials so you know what your space needs and which insulation will be most effective.
Ask questions about how installers are paid: Depending on how the contractors are paid can determine the type of job the employees provide. If they are paid by the hour they might take more time and get the work right where if they are paid per square Ft. they might do a quick job to get more coverage done.
Check for insurance coverage: The contractor should have their own insurance to protect their employees if they are hurt but also protect your home if they cause damage to it. Always ask for proof of insurance.
Ask to see labels: When discussing the product with the contractor ask to see a bag label. It’s ok if you don’t know much about insulation; ask them to explain it to you. If the bags are not labeled don’t trust them. Always speak in R-value, not inches. Every product may be different and has different R-values. You want to make sure your product is guaranteed a specific R-value.

We provide quality insulation to last a lifetime.

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