An eco-friendly option for insulation

Blown-In Insulation has been used for decades for insulating homes. It is typically made of recycled newspapers, cardboard, paper, and other paper based products. It can also be made from wood particle. This is known as cellulose. Cellulose contains about 75% recycled content making it environmentally friendly. It is then treated with a fire-retardant, which also aids in repelling mice and other rodents. It can also be made from bits of fiberglass. This form is about 35% recycled material. Cellulose blown-in does have a slightly higher R-value than fiberglass blown-in.

How it works:

A mechanical blower attached to a box filled with cellulose is used to install loose fill insulation. It is then blown to cover the area being insulated. Loose fill can be blown into existing walls, attics, tight spaces, crawl spaces, and any hard to reach places. Cellulose insulation is lumpy, heavy, and thick with a down feather like consistency. It is able to cradle around pipes, wires and ducts. Blown-in loose fill is also incredibly fast to install. A crew of two men can have an entire home insulated in a matter of hours. The cost of loose fill insulation is also fairly inexpensive. All of these things are great features of blown-in insulation!

Quality 1st Insulation offers professional insulation for all your blown-in / loose fill needs!

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We provide quality insulation to last a lifetime.
Call today! Quality 1st Insulation (406) 403-4402