Fiberglass Batts are an economical choice when insulating

Fiberglass insulation is one of the oldest and most traditional forms of insulation. Fiberglass Insulation was first produced by a man named John Player in 1870. It was referred to as mineral wool at that time. In 1938 a company named Owens Corning Company produced fiberglass insulation. They remain one of the top insulation companies to this day.

How it works:

Fiberglass insulation is made up of plastic and natural fibers and reinforced with fine glass fibers. It generally comes in batts, loose fill and blankets. At Quality 1st Insulation, we use fiberglass batts when customers choose to have an inexpensive option for insulation. Batts come in pre-cut squares and are best used on open spaces with limited obstructions. It’s usually used between studs, beams and joists.

Fiberglass is the least expensive way to insulate. Fiberglass batts usually come in a single variety. The only real difference between one roll and another is the overall color, thickness, and R-value.

If you’re not careful during insulation however, this can cause gaps and poorly insulated areas in your home or structure. When you have these unprotected areas in your home they can decrease your home or structures energy efficiency as much as 25%, along with other problems. If you choose to use this method, it is wise to have a professional do it to avoid any problems in the future.

Quality 1st Insulation offers professional insulation for all your fiberglass needs!

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We provide quality insulation to last a lifetime.
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