Why should I properly insulate my attic?

Heat rises—it’s something we’ve been taught since elementary school science glass. While we might all know the concept, it can be easy to forget that in our homes, rising heat is going to escape through our attics. This makes having reliable attic insulation in Great Falls, MT of the utmost importance.

Quality 1st Insulation is your expert when it comes to assessing the efficiency of your attic’s insulation. We can provide you with an overview of your existing insulation’s ability to prevent radiant heat loss and, if it’s lackluster or poor, we can recommend the right insulation solution to maximize its effectiveness.

Whether you’re building a brand new home and need the best insulation right from the get-go or you’re finally retrofitting that old fiberglass batt in your attic, trust our attic insulation contractors in Great Falls, MT to assist you.

Urethane foam spray

One of the most common insulation solutions for attics—and one of our specialties—is urethane foam spray. This foam is sprayed into the rafters of your attic and rapidly expands where it hits, creating an even and consistent coverage area. When it cures, the foam creates a superior barrier that protects against radiant heat loss.

For older or larger homes, urethane foam spray is proving to be a hugely cost-effective solution to attic insulation. We can help you explore this possibility for your home today!

Increasing your home’s efficiency

With the proper attic insulation, your home is going to experience a number of benefits directly related to your comfort and quality of life, as well as your energy efficiency:

Proper attic insulation will keep climate more consistent in lower levels of the home; - You’ll save money on heating and cooling with proper attic insulation;
- You’ll eliminate frequent HVAC maintenance costs with optimal insulation;
- Temperatures will remain comfortable throughout all areas of your home.

To learn more about the status of your existing attic insulation or to inquire about how we may be able to enhance your home’s R-value and insulation properties, we invite you to give us a call today at 406-403-4402.

Quality 1st Insulation is the preferred choice to insulate your home or office!

We provide quality insulation to last a lifetime. Call today! Quality 1st Insulation (406) 403-4402


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We provide quality insulation to last a lifetime.
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