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Quality 1st Insulation provides exactly what it says, quality! The professionals of Quality 1st Insulation know what to look for when insulating your home or business with spray foam insulation. The experts at Quality 1st Insulation take the time to get to know you, your project, and will listen to your needs. We will work diligently to stay within your budget and offer you solutions for your insulation.

Here at Quality 1st Insulation, we only provide materials of the highest quality. Our professionalism and quality craftsmanship are second to none. We take great pride in our work and provide our customers with peace of mind when they choose us, Quality 1st Insulation. We are licensed, insured professional insulation installers. The Better Business Bureau offers strength in our credibility with an A+ rating. We have been consistently serving Montanans for over 7 years. Our primary focus has always been on serving our customers with excellent customer satisfaction. We strive to make each of our client’s feel like they truly matter. Here at Quality 1st Insulation we value our customer’s feedback and continued loyalty to our company.

Quality 1st Insulation is the preferred choice to insulate your home or office!

We provide quality insulation to last a lifetime.
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Our Services


Urethane Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam is cost effective and incredibly efficient insulation. Spray foam is installed quickly, is air tight and fills every crevice to prevent any drafts. Spray foam is moisture resistant, deters mold, saves money on your energy bill, and has an exceptional lifespan.

Attic Insulation

Attic insulation is the most important insulation in your home. We all know heat rises so it is very important to pick the right attic insulation to keep your home warm and lower your heating costs.


Blown-in / Loose Fill Insulation

Loose fill also known as blown-in insulation is blown into your insulation space. Blown insulation is made from recycled materials and provides a thick layer of insulation to keep in heat.

Fiberglass Batts Insulation

Fiberglass batts insulation is the old style type of insulation. Fiberglass batts insulation is a thick pad of insulation that is rolled into the space needing insulation.

Why Quality 1st Insulation is the best?

Insulate your stuff quickly for minimum price.

When you call Quality 1st insulation you will get a call back within one business day and receive a free quote quickly thereafter. We offer competitively low prices for insulation and can take on any job needed. We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Our belief is to do a job to the best of our ability and get it right the first time. Using the most recent technology available and the best supplies ensures we perform better than anyone else!

Where we insulate
  • Commercial- We can insulate commercial buildings of any size.
  • Residential- We can insulate any residential home and save you money on energy costs in the process!
  • Farms and Ranches- We have experience insulating many different types of structures essential to farms and ranches.

Some facts

Why individuals choose Quality 1st Insulation

  • We offer insulation services at competitive rates.
  • We only use the best spray foam insulation products available.
  • We can insulate any structure including commercial, residential, farm, or ranch.
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  • We are licensed and insured insulation installers.
  • We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.
  • We complete our work on time and on budget.
  • We take pride in every job we do.

One of our valued clients shared with us their story

After several years of renovating our home, we finally were able to reach the point of having insulation done. My wife and I knew that having proper insulation was a key factor in choosing the right contractor. We chose John at Quality 1st Insualtion to spray foam our entire home. Initially it was a little more than we wanted to spend, but having the benefits outlined for us, we knew that was the right choice for us. Our home is older and previously had poor quality insulation. Our utility bills were extremely high and had poor quality of circulation. John was extremely helpful and very professional. He completed our job on time and on budget. Now our home is well insulated. We would highly recommend Quality 1st Insualtion to everyone who is requiring to have some insulation work done...– K. B.

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We are committed to providing you with excellent insulation service for your residential, commercial, farm, or ranch properties.
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years of experience

We are a family owned and operated insulation business for 7 years right here in Montana.


We are currently servicing 8 counties across Montana. Contact us if you don’t see the county in which you live.

Preferred choice

Quality 1st Insulation is the preferred choice when it comes to insulation.

Types of Insulation

Spray Foam, Blown-in, Attic, and Fiberglass Insulation.

See some photos of our work

We use only the best products for insulation. The particular brand we use is an industry leading company who produces only the highest quality products and manufactures all of their supplies in the USA.